Verify yourself as a foreign shopper

The first time you use our app you will need to provide proof of foreign citizenship. We are required by Texas law to obtain a copy of your passport and of your home country ID. This only has to be done one time and you're set to go!

Submit your receipts

Let us know where and what you bought so we can calculate the amount of tax to be refunded. The picture of the receipt needs to be clear and legible so that our advanced system can quickly make sense of it.

Take pictures of the items

We're required by Texas law to see the items in a new and unopened state. This means that electronics should be in their original packaging and boxes. Clothing tags should be clearly seen and shoes should be inside their original box. Jewelry, clothing and other items that are used in Texas are no longer qualified for a refund, so be sure to clearly show your items are new, unworn and not used. You must wait to get back home to use them.

Cash out

Congratulations, you're done! Show the store clerk the unique code provided by the app and they will give you a refund via the same payment method you used to shop there, either cash or credit card.

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